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Guest Post: True Fans!

James Alderson - Thursday, June 19, 2014

This is a guest post and future post from Kerrick.  He sets out to make Fans out of people he comes into contact with.  He doesn’t want people to just be a number and forgotten about, but wants people to enjoy what they read, the service they are provided with, so they become one of the tribe.

We get distracted everyday by the many options we have to choose from.  But why do we consistently choose one brand over the other?  Have you often found yourself recommending that same brand to friends?

We see this often times with restaurants we eat at.  Or maybe its the vehicle we purchase.  We stay loyal to a brand because we’ve become their FAN!

No, not that type of fan!

We aren’t just a number to them anymore.  We are the most loyal consumer.  We advertise for them.  We will do anything to get their product.  We bring our friends with us to their events.

A majority of business owners I talk with talk about their clients and customers as a number.  They don’t have a relationship with them.  If they left they will find another to replace them with.

What’s sad about that mindset is it will continue on, and on, and on in a vicious circle.  Progress will not be made, the numbers will finally identify themselves as a number and leave in search to be a fan.

I set to create fans of this blog.  Numbers look great because it boasts your “subscribers” or “Likes” on Facebook.  But I want my clients and customers to be fans of my business.  I want to have a relationship with them.  I want them to feel connected to my writing, my ideas, and the content I share.  They will keep coming back because they are a fan.  And maybe they will bring someone with them!

I am proud to call YOU a fan.  You are apart of my tribe.

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