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Monthly Maintenance Tips

James Alderson - Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer is upon us and once again it is getting extremely hot!

As a homeowner or tenant, there are things you should do monthly to help maintain the integrity of the home and the mechanical systems that keep you nice a cool.

Air Filters

Make sure your air filter is replaced every 30-days. I always recommend that when the rent/mortgage is paid, change the filter. Don’t buy the expensive 90 day or 6 month filters. Get the $3-4 basic ones, but replace them every month.  Often times a dirty air filter is the culprit when the AC goes out.

AC Drain Lines

AC units remove the humidity from inside your home and in the process will produce a lot of water condensate.  This water goes down a primary drain line (if you’re in a two-story house, it usually connects to the bathroom sink downstairs….if you’re in a one story it probably discharges outside the house from a PVC pipe in the soffit or near the slab on the side of the home).  With a slow trickle of water from the AC this pipe is known to clog up over time.  It’s wise to flush it out monthly (same time you change the filter) with vinegar and hot water.  If it is clogged you can also try an air compressor to blow the line out.

If the primary line is clogged there is usually a secondary line that will drain out in a highly visible area – front porch or back porch.  This way you are aware that the line is clogged.  Get your AC serviced immediately if that is the case to prevent any water stopping up and leaking from the AC unit.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals typically start to stink after a while.  To help keep the blades sharp and try to rid the interior of any grease build-up or other material, toss a few ice cubes in the disposal and run it until they are chopped and gone.  You can also periodically take a lemon or orange peel and put it down the drain.  The oils and juices from the fruit will help clean the walls of the disposal and leave a fresh scent.  If the odor is very stubborn, you can pour some baking soda into the disposal and let it sit for several hours before running the water and turning on the disposal to flush it out.


This might be one of the dirtiest appliances in the kitchen!  Monthly, take a cup of vinegar and pour it into the bottom of the dishwasher.  Run a cycle with no dishes present to help sanitize and clean the unit.

These are just a few tips to help keep your appliances running properly when they are being used the most.  If a major issue ever does occur, call the professional!

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